Herbal Remedies for Essential Tremors That Work Effectively

Published: 17th February 2011
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Essential tremor also called benign essential tremor is a nerve disorder that can appear at any age but it most commonly occur in middle-aged and older persons. These tremor can affect the muscles of any part of the body, but often most noticeable in your hands particularly when you try to do simple tasks such as drinking a glass of water, holding a pencil, writing, or lacing shoes. However, it can also affect the head, arms, legs, face, cords, trunk, or even someone's voice.

The main symptom of essential tremor is the uncontrollable trembling or shaking of some part of the body. The reaction, which usually begin gradually, the firstly in manifesting themselves in hands (maybe affect one side (left or right) or in most cases affect both hands). However there are some herbal remedies that may prove positive results for treatment of essential tremor:

American skullcap

American skullcap (S. lateriflora) has been used for centuries by people to support the nervous system, improve clarity of mind, relaxes nervous tension and counteracts sleeplessness. This herb may prove beneficial as a treatment for hepatitis and hypertension. Skullcap is commonly available as capsules, liquid extracts, dried teas and tablets.

Gotu kola

Gotu kola or Centella asiatica is an excellent herb that is used to supports mental alertness and clarity; strengthen brain and nervous system; enhance memory concentration and optimum performance and maintain a calm. Often, those with essential tremor require reducing nervous tension that gotu kola has been found helpful as well.

Lady's slipper

Lady's slipper is an excellent herb for problems with the nervous system. It is most commonly used to calm the nerves, alleviate depression, relief of nervous tension, promote a feeling of well-being and contentment. It is also used to help treat restlessness, hyperactivity and tremors.


Arnica is one of the most potent herbal treatment for curing palsy and tremors. Arnica, has shown positive effects on the central nervous system. Put 3 drops of arnica 30c into a glass bottle add 500 milliliters of water. Shake the mixture before consumption. To help relieve tremors, consume a teaspoon of the mixture 3 times day.

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