Coated Tongue - 5 Treatment That Work

Published: 21st January 2011
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A coated tongue is the result when blood is toxin charged. The resistance of the tongue and of several other fluids is lessened, the saliva is unable to stop microorganism growth and the mouth thus becomes suitable for the growth of various bacteria and molds.

In case you suffer with the problem of a coated tongue, it can be an indication of the following- over growth of candida albicans in your body, a result of a not so healthy lifestyle or a digestive ailment. Do take the advice of a physician and adjust your life style so as to make sure you live the healthy way. You can also take the help of herbal methods and home made remedies.

Hydrogen Peroxide

One part of hydrogen peroxide along with two parts of water will give you a hydrogen peroxide treatment for the coated tongue. Use this solution by dipping a toothbrush with soft tips in it and then brushing your tongue. Use back and front strokes and clean your tongue properly with this solution. When all the mixture is over, use a teaspoon (upside down) to scrape the tongue as this will help in dissolving some of the coating left as residue. You can follow this method after brushing teeth in the morning and at night.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera juice consists of a number of vitamins, amino acid compounds, minerals etc and thus can be an efficient treatment for a coated tongue. Take a tablespoon of aloe vera juice and rotate in your mouth before you spit it out. After that, drink the same amount of the juice. This method should be followed four times everyday for around 15 days.

Lifestyle Modifications

Toxins may add to your problem of coated tongue. You should quit chewing tobacco or smoking if you have any of these habits.

Eat food which is digested easily like rice, mug bean soup or cooked vegetables. Cut down or quit your consumption of ice cream, cheese or yogurt. Add herbs which will help in stimulating your immune system in your food. Such herbs include sage, basil, cardamom, thyme and ginger. One day in a week, fast by having only fruit juices and vegetable juices.


Neem (azadirachta indica) is used for blood purification and is a traditional herb in India. It can also be used to treat a coated tongue. You can either buy it online or from any Indian or Middle Eastern grocery store. Put one spoon neem leaves, in a cup full of boiling water to make a concoction. Keep cooking the mixture till it becomes half of its actual quantity and then keep it for cooling. The mixture will have a bitter taste but is excellent remedy for a coated tongue. This mixture can be used for gargling.

Tongue Scraper

You may take the help of a tongue scraper by using it to scrape your tongue. You can use the scraper everyday after you brush and floss in the morning as well as at night. You can easily get a tongue scraper online, at grocery stores or at a dentist's clinic.

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